Item Price
Cheese and onion toasty
Add bacon
Fries - with Aioli
with gravy
Wedges - served with Sour Cream
Bar Basket
Onion rings, samosas, spring rolls, chicken nuggets fish bites with aioli & tomato sauce
Highland Wedges
with bacon, cheese, sour cream & sweet chilli
Crumbed Prawns
Prawns in a panko crumbed served with salad and sweet chilli sauce
Beef Nachos
Spiced ground beef and chilli beans mix, topped with cheese, sour cream, salsa and sweet chilli
Beef Burger
Home-made Patti, bacon, onion rings, Tomato, lettuce, cheese, BBQ and aioli served with fries
Chicken burger
Crunchy chicken tendered, Bacon, tomato, lettuce, bri cheese, BBQ and chilli aioli served with fries